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third meeting European Project

3rd Online Meeting –  TRAINING TO WIN european PROJECT / June 15TH, 2021

We are pleased to announce that on the 28th of June, a third meeting of the European project Training To Win took place virtually.
During the meeting, the participants learned more about the project development and discussed numerous topics.

bmx - needs

In previous posts about the BMX needs, we mentioned the need for an initial study to know the situation in which BMX athletes and trainers find themselves in Europe.
In order to carry the study out, to diagnose the true needs and gaps in BMX training in Europe we created a survey for riders, coaches, club managers, federations, associations and people involved in our BMX comunity…

and we have received back more tan 400 questionnaires!

Questionnaire - Final Data

We received responses from 7 countries through more tan 400 questionnaires . 
The questionnaires show a minimum of categories of information, that now has to be analysed and validated.
The data collection and analysis plus the many ideas people have thrown up, will in essence stressed in a MONITORING REPORT, highlighting the main favourable and conflicting elements at the basis of project development. 

Portugal Stage

September 6 – Anadia, Portugal- International Seminar on Training Safe


Next September 6, in Anadia, Portugal, the International Seminar on Training Safe will take place.
The objective of this seminar is to bring together experts in the area of athlete safety. Under the “Training Safe Topic”, we will collect and analyze the different aspects surrounding the athlete’s safety; safety in training, in the environment and in space.
More info

International Seminar on Training Safe

September 6TH Anadia, Portugal.


this Proyect is coordinated by BMX School Zaragoza and San Jorge University, along with Zaragoza Deporte Municipal, the Federación Aragonesa de Ciclismo (Aragonese Cycling Federation) and Real Federación Española de Ciclismo (Spanish Cycling Federation) as collaborating partners. 

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